Aprender jugando: ¿cómo el juego puede fomentar la empatía y la imaginación en los niños?

Learning by playing: how can play foster empathy and imagination in children?

We all know that children learn more and better while playing or doing an activity that satisfies them. That is why schools take this premise into account and teach it through entertainment and other fun dynamics. But play in childhood is not only important for learning, it also allows us to develop other capacities such as empathy and imagination.

These are two necessary and essential skills for their growth, and they will allow them to have a better relationship with their environment. Because when we are more empathetic we know how to communicate with other people and understand their emotions. In turn, being more imaginative will help us solve problems and confront possible conflicts.

So, in this article we are going to explain why empathy and imagination are important in children, and how they can enhance it through play. Take note!

Why is playing beneficial for boys and girls?

Beyond just being a fun pastime, doll play offers a wide range of benefits for child development, including stimulating imagination and empathy. We must emphasize that dolls are versatile tools that allow boys and girls to create and explore different scenarios and situations.

In this way, by interacting with their toys, children can invent stories, solve problems and experience different roles and social relationships. Because, every time they play they are stimulating their creativity and ability to improvise, giving free rein to their fantasies and creating new imaginary worlds.

Fostering empathy

Playing with dolls can also contribute to the development of empathy in boys and girls. When they assume the role of being the caregivers of their toys, children learn to put themselves in the shoes of others, understanding their needs and emotions.

This experience allows them to better understand the world around them, as well as better understand other people, as well as the complexities of human relationships, which helps them mature greater sensitivity towards the feelings and experiences of others.

Finding themselves

Another important aspect of doll play is its ability to promote self-expression and identity. Every time children carry out an activity, they can explore and experience different aspects of themselves, such as their gender, personality, interests and values.

This allows them to increase their confidence in themselves and their emotions. In turn, when they know themselves better, they can relate optimally with others and gain assertiveness in the face of problems.

Increasing your capabilities and skills

Playing with dolls can also be favorable for the cognitive development of boys and girls. By playing with the dolls and their accessories, children improve their motor coordination and their ability to plan and execute actions. In addition, by creating and organizing different scenarios, they can exercise their abstract thinking capacity, memory and attention.

The positive aspects of playing during childhood are essential, because it is not only a way to learn, but also encourages emotional, cognitive and social development, including the stimulation of imagination, empathy and self-expression. That is why any specialist highlights the role of entertainment and fun during childhood, pointing it out as an essential part of it.

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