About us

We Design Smiles

JC Toys Group, Inc. we are designers and manufacturers of a wide range of dolls, specialized play items, accessories and collectible dolls.

Established in 1993, JC Toys is a family-owned business that continues to grow its line of products across various categories. Each doll and accessory is carefully designed to ensure the end user is 100% satisfied. Our goal is to make all of our dolls adorable and ensure that everyone, from our doll's first mom, to the most discerning doll collector, is completely happy with our superior quality and design.

JC Toys Group, Inc. dolls were first introduced to the United States market in the early 1980s. At this time we were known under the popular name BERJUSA®. Our dolls made a considerable impact on the market due to their innovative real-life features, with their adorable and soft facial sculptures. The recognized brands of the dolls presented at this time were Minene®, Tunene®. Later in the same decade, dolls such as La Baby® and La Newborn® were introduced, and began what today can be considered one of the most complete collections in the world.

To this day, the sculpture of all our products is headed by the artistic direction of Salvador Berenguer. The Berenguer family name has been associated with doll design since the 1940s. In 1944, José Berenguer, Salvador Berenguer's father, began a lifelong passion for doll design. By the 1950s, Berenguer dolls had built a solid reputation for quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed beauty. The most popular Berenguer dolls during this time were the Chelito and Pepin dolls.

Inheriting the same natural talent for doll design from his father, Salvador Berenguer continued the family tradition. In 1967 Salvador began designing dolls and continues to do so today with remarkable creativity and an endless passion for perfection.

In addition to producing beautiful dolls, JC Toys also cares about the environment. As a company, we continually study and implement methods to reduce, eliminate or restrict elements in our products that do not help preserve our environment.

We hope you enjoy our dolls, as much as we enjoy designing them and putting them at your fingertips through our website. Enjoy it!