Desarrollando su imaginación: la importancia del juego con muñecos a partir de los 3 años

Developing their imagination: the importance of playing with dolls from 3 years old

From a very early age, any boy or girl begins to play, since this activity for them is part of their routine: through play they learn, experiment and socialize. It is their way of relating to their environment, in addition to having a great series of advantages for their development and subsequent growth. So, it's no surprise that the simple act of playing with dolls is crucial from the age of 3 and up.

Because during this period of their development, playing with dolls offers them a wide range of benefits that will help them explore their world, express their emotions and develop social and cognitive skills in a fun way. If you consider playing to be important in childhood, don't miss this article, where we will tell you how this activity can affect them from an early age.

The power of play in childhood: because it is important for their development

At this age, children are beginning to develop a deeper sense of themselves and the environment around them. Doll play gives them the opportunity to experience different roles and scenarios, from being a superhero who saves the world to being a chef who prepares delicious meals in their play kitchen. This creation capacity is essential for the progress of different skills such as problem solving, decision making and creativity.

  • Another advantage of playing with dolls is that boys and girls can express and process their emotions, since through play, children can represent real life situations and experience their feelings, from joy and happiness to sadness and sadness. fear.

It is also worth highlighting the ability of the game to promote the social development and communication skills of children. In addition, playing with dolls gives them the opportunity to practice different social roles, which helps them enhance their empathy and understanding of others.

Other positive aspects of the game from 3 years old

  • The game can provide very valuable teaching, such as the ability to deal with success or failure. This will help children know how to handle their frustration later in life, in addition to dealing with other conflicts.
  • The transmission of social roles and cultural values ​​is another factor that is transmitted through this hobby. However, it is important to maintain a balance between individual play and play in company, because this will positively benefit the child.
  • Learning rules and instructions: when they reach the age of three they may have the ability to learn some rules that will guide them in playing with their dolls. This way, they will know how to organize and manage themselves in future tasks.

Through playing with dolls, 3-year-old children stimulate their imagination, express their emotions and develop their abilities. Without a doubt, this is an educational and beneficial activity for them, since it can interfere with their future development. Additionally, children can learn better if their parents play with them and their dolls, as they can offer explanations and lessons.

Playtime not only has to be a hobby, but it must also be part of the family routine with the aim of benefiting the child.

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